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 Ranking system

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PostSubject: Ranking system   Sat May 25, 2013 1:55 pm

Aspirants- to reach this rank, a member must first make an introduction, take the oath and start a journal and take the basic training

Acolyte - Aspirants reach this rank when completing basic training, awaiting to be taken by a knight or Master as an apprentice. Acolytes are encouraged to post more frequently in the general discussion and elsewhere.

Apprentice- When an Acolyte is taken as an apprentice by a knight, they are further trained, they are encouraged to meet with their master on chat or converse on PM, discussing training and relevant Dark Jedi masters. The master then submits the apprentice for the Dark Jedi trials, overcome the trials and they reach knighthood.

Knight- a knight's duty is to help greet newcomers, take place in discussion and taking an apprentice of the Acolytes. They also have the privilege making announcements and offering teaching services.

Masters - the duty of the masters is taking apprentices, upholding their knightly vows and maintaining discussion and healthy debate within the forums. They decide on the matters on whether an apprentice is ready for trials or not.

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Ranking system
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